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What is the Riverside Greenway

Working Group?

The RGWG is a coalition of trail advocates from Bike Newton, The Newton Conservators, The Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Foundation, and the neighborhoods of Newton Lower Falls and Auburndale.

OUR VISION is to develop a trail network closing the gap between  the Blue Heron Trail at Lyons's Park and Riverside MBTA station, the "Trestle Bridge' in Newton Lower Falls and beyond.

Committee Members:

Allison Burson, Ted Chapman, Tod Cochran, Henry Finch, Katherine Howard, Herb Nolan, Nathan Phillips, Larry Smith.

Images of the Charles River you will see from the Greenway trail system.

The Riverside Greenway Concept includes a combination of  a shared-use, ADA-compliant trail and a network of foot-trails to connect the current terminus of  the Blue Heron Trail in Lyons Field in Auburndale with the Lower Falls "Trestle" Bridge. The Riverside Greenway Working Group presented their work over the last year to make this vision reality to an enthusiastic, standing-room-only audience at the Newton Main Library on January 24th 2018. 

Download a map of the proposed Riverside Greenway

View the slide show or a video of the event with presentations by Emily Norton of the CWRA, Dan Driscoll of Mass DCR and Herb Nolan of the Solomon Foundation and the RGWG, including the Q&A filmed by Ted Kuklinski of the Newton Conservators.

Support our work

You can donate your time, your expertise, or financially. Most of our work has been supported by grants from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation - Recreational Trails Program, which requires a 20% match. The match can be met with volunteer time or cash. Donations made to the Riverside Fund at the Newton Conservators are tax deductible.


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